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Superior Quality

Can Can products are made with the highest quality textiles and military grade elastic to provide your customers with a holster that looks beautiful, feels comfortable and is designed to last.

Fashion Forward

Your female customers don’t have to carry their firearm like a man. With a full line of products that can be worn with any wardrobe while accommodating any gun, fashion never has to be compromised again.

Return on Investment

Adding Can Can holsters to your CC options will impact your ability to serve your female customers. Many of our retailers are reordering monthly and are extremely pleased with their customer’s reception as well as their increased revenue.

Become a Retailer

Carol Drye

Drye’s Gun Shop

I don’t carry anything in our shop that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family for protection. I really enjoy teaching women to shoot and be comfortable with concealment. These holsters are the answer!

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Holly Binford

Hip Hugger Holster Owner

Another friend exclaimed "I saw the lace a few minutes ago and just thought, Wow, that's awesome, she must wear really sexy underwear. Now that I know there's a gun in there, I'm just totally impressed!"

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