Hip Hugger® | Micro

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The MICRO style was designed for tiny mouse pistols, small .22 cal, guns less than 4.5″ and Derringers. Since this Holster is only 4″ wide, you should also recommend the MICRO for petite women under 5′ 3″ as long as their firearm is small enough to fit in the holster pockets. Holding four firearms, a magazine, a pocket knife and a cell phone offers choices not found in other holsters. Available in black and tan with color accents in 4 sizes.  S, M, L, XL. Larger sizes available as a special order.

  • 4″ high Military Grade elastic for compression hold
  • Patent Pending tabs for safe, easy, Heads-Up Re-Holstering
  • Strong rare earth magnets holds weapon firmly in place
  • Hypoallergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip keeps holster from slipping
  • 3 row hook and eye tape for the perfect fit
  • Accommodates up to 2 sub-compact semi-automatics or revolvers and 1 magazine
  • Draw right or left, inside or outside thigh
  • Lined magazine pocket with decorative laces and built-in garter belt attachment loops
  • Perfect for weapons under 4.5″ in length