Sport Belt | Classic

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The CLASSIC style offers a compression carry option for compact 380s, small 9mm & guns under 6.5″. The 4″ left hip Velcro attachment offers an adjustable fit and the extra space across the front makes room for more utility pockets for storage space. Holds cell phone, wallet, credit cards, pocket knife, taser, cuffs, passport, etc. The back right and left kidney carry bookend the paracord accented back center magazine pocket. Silicone non-slip grip keeps the holster in place while you’re on the go and the reholstering tabs keep you from muzzling your hands while holstering. Rare earth magnets in the front holster pocket hold your gun’s barrel in place.

  • 5″ profile Military-Grade Elastic holds gun firmly in place.
  • Hypoallergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip keeps holster from slipping.
  • Patent Pending tabs for safe, easy, Heads-Up Re-Holstering.
  • Strong rare earth magnets hold weapon firmly in place.
  • 4″ Velcro closure for easy dressing and size adjustment.
  • Accommodates up to 3 large firearms and 3 magazines.
  • Proudly hand made in the USA.
  • Draw right appendix or left & right kidney carry.
  • Lined magazine pocket with decorative paracord.
  • Perfect for weapons under 6.5″ in total length.

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